Custom commissions & One-offs

Interested in a one off personalised custom piece for you or someone else?


Get in touch!

Throw me your ideas and heartfelt desires and we can have a preliminary chat about how I can make this happen for you.
We can talk about any beautiful gems you are interested in and I can show you some options.
There is a contact form at the bottom here so just fill that out and hit send!


We press the go button.

I’ll give you an estimate on the cost and get a deposit from you, and then we can begin designing your dream jewellery!
The final payment is due once the piece is finished which will normally take 4 - 8 weeks.
We can’t know the final cost in many cases until we finalise the design with you but I can give you options as we go along to work in with your preferred budget.


The most exciting part - the design process.

I’ll brainstorm with you on ways we can bring together all your ideas into a cohesive design.
I’ll draw up design options for you and we can go back and forth until you are 100% happy with the way it looks. In a lot of cases we can then also draw up your design in 3D which can make it very easy to visualise the final result. At this stage we can accurately calculate all the costs.



Once you're happy with the design and the costs we can move into the production process. This is where we print the wax, cast the metal, find the stones and generally pull everything together until the final polishing for a showroom finish. This part can take a few weeks and once its done I’ll send you a photo of your piece and the invoice for the final payment.


It’s yours!

You can either pick it up from the studio or we can send it out to you by signed courier.

Ready to start your personalised project?

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