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Jewellery is an expression of an identity. Rebel. Dreamer. Rocker. Romantic. Every Nick Von K design allows the wearer to explore that identity, expressing their true self or escaping into a favourite role. This is jewellery for those who never choose the safe road.

Nick Von K’s collections are works of alchemy, distilling the ethereal and imagined into solid pieces of unearthly beauty, fusing a rock’n’roll heart with an elegant soul. There is a playful humour running through the designs, sometimes with a knowingly dark edge.

Each Nick Von K piece makes the wearer a part of a story; sharing a fragment of an elusive myth, an inspiring dream, or a transcendent journey of the spirit - and there are many more stories to be worn and told.

Since it’s launch at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2010, Nick Von K has stamped his mark on the worlds of fashion, art and music. Gaining an influential seal of approval from international designer Nicole Miller, his brand launched onto the world stage and has become synonymous with a bold, rock’n’roll style and an elegant decadence.

With over 20 years in the fashion world, Nick follows a cycle of refinement and reinvention. Every collection is a new exploration, a new opportunity to evolve in surprising directions. His work is meticulously crafted, a sublime balance of mystery and optimism.

Nick Von K has been worn by a stellar lineup of icons both local and international: Lady Gaga, Clive Owen, Adam Lambert, Paris Hilton, Heather Graham, Ozzy Osbourne, Angus Young, Keith Richards, Emeli Sandé, The Jupiter Project, Tiki Taane, Holly Smith, Gin Wigmore, Sonja Yelich, Sebastien Fougere, Bam Margera and his wife Nikki.

Nick Von K is designed and crafted in New Zealand, and stocked by leading jewellers.

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