Victoria and Callum

How We Transformed 6 Old Rings For A New Generation

Callum’s Mum came to me with a few gold and diamond rings she’d inherited but never wore, and she asked me to make a pair of rings for her son and his partner Victoria.

She wanted them transformed into something modern and for the essence of the family heritage to carry through into a new generation.

So we took all the stones out of the rings, melted down the gold, and created a design for each ring in 3D.

For Callum we created a classic mens wedding band in 18 carat White gold and added a complete 360 channel of the family diamonds through the middle.

For Victoria we went full Princess and made a triple set ring, studded with the remaining family diamonds and we added a few more to create a sparkling Tiara on top.

The family Sapphire was very worn and chipped, so we chose a bright new Teal Sapphire from my collection as the centre stone.

The resulting creations were flown with Mum and Dad to Europe and given to the couple while the family were all travelling through Italy together.

They sent me a few amazing shots taken in front of a stunning sunflower field in full bloom in the heart of Tuscany.

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