Two Custom Rings

Two Custom Rings For Rehutai and Hinekaporangi

two custom rings

We recently worked with Hemi on a pair of custom rings for his children Rehutai and Hinekaporangi. Here he explains how we turned his vision into two very special pieces of jewellery:

Having spent almost half our lives together we have experienced ups, downs, moments of great happiness and immense loss.

Reflecting on the journeys we have shared highlighted the importance of love and commitment, both what we love and commit time to and how we demonstrate love and commitment.

Having children was world changing and has been an ongoing learning journey, each with their unique personalities, inherited attributes and specific needs that make them who they are.

With our wedding rings no longer fitting us, we considered the dreams we had for our futures at the time we gave them to each other.

Now we had an opportunity to consider the dreams we had not only for us but for our children and for them to know how much they are and always will be loved.

We quickly decided to have our wedding rings re-worked and stones from the original engagement ring included in a new ring set.

The rings are designed as a pair to tell the story of our family including our children, with one ring focusing on our eldest, Rehutai, and one focusing on our youngest, Hinekaporangi.

Although they will inherit one each, whenever they come together they will recognize the rings are a nested set and they are always connected.

two custom rings

Rehutai was named to acknowledge the coastal origins of her various lines of descent. The design incorporates both the ocean waves and the deep green of inland forests to represent her love for adventures in the forests.

Hinekaporangi was born during a meteor shower.

The name draws attention to the wonder of the night she was born and the story of her name is told through the diamond studded stars in the second ring.

We are immensely grateful to Nick and his ability to understand our vision, dream and connect with and represent the personalities of us and our children in the rings he created, they will be forever treasured.

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