Stephanie had some Tahitian Black Pearls safely stashed away in a jewellery box for years, ever since she went to Tahiti on an student exchange during high school.

But what's the point in that she asked herself??

So she fished them out and came to me with an idea to make some jewellery.

We discussed a few ideas together in person at my studio, and decided to use two pearls for two separate pieces.

Steph then settled on the idea of incorporating a mermaid for one and turtles for the other, keeping in the ocean theme and to honour where the pearls came from.

I initially drew up the designs in 2D for her, and then once we agreed on the general idea we built the designs in 3D so she could see them from various angles.

custom design

We scanned each pearl so we had the exact dimensions to work with, and then we actually decided to change the size of the mermaid at this stage as we felt it needed to be bigger in relation to the pearl it was sitting on.

This is the beauty with working with 3D technology, we can adjust the design easily and also preview it before we head into the production phase.

The final results speak for themselves, a wonderful pair of pieces telling a story of fond memories, now to be worn and enjoyed rather than kept in a box!

custom mermaid pendant

custom turtle ring

custom turtle ring 

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