Mark came to me with the idea to create a family crest ring for himself to wear, and to pass down in time to his son Rico.

He had recently decided that a wolf’s head was the perfect emblem for his family crest, and he went on to explain to me the reasons.

It all started with my dog Joey, named after Joey Ramone.

He is half Husky and half black Labrador - I call him the Black Wolf because thats what he looks like!

I named my business Black Wolf Masonry, and then when my son was born I named him Rico Wolf Rutledge.

It all ties together into a theme, so now we have the Wolf Crest family ring!

Mark and I chose a wolf head design that he felt was most fitting and then we built this design in 3D for him.

The wolf’s head emblem is pinned through tiny drill holes in the onyx and soldered to the gold underneath - so it’s never coming off.

It’s built to last many lifetimes with a view to be passed down for generations to come.

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