Katherine came to me to design a ring to honour her decision to have a child by herself with the power of modern technology and an anonymous sperm donor.

Her daughter is now 2 years old and will inherit this ring someday which I’m sure she is very excited about!

Katherine had a couple of ideas to begin with, she didn’t want this to look like an engagement ring and she loved the idea of using Art Deco styling.

She came into the studio for a consultation and I showed her a few different ring designs on display to build ideas from.

She ended up being drawn to Aquamarine for the stone and designs with a geometric structural element.

After that I sent her some designs along those lines and we emailed back and forth until we hit a sweet spot, and then we built the design in 3D for her.

2d design image

The final result has both White and Yellow Gold combined into the design which I like to think represents the beautiful relationship between her and her child.

I love how epic this ring ended up!

It’s unashamedly large and yet not heavy or difficult to wear due to the negative space incorporated into the design.

The Aquamarine stands out as the centrepiece, surrounded by angular shapes studded with tiny diamonds.

It’s absolutely unique and mesmerisingly beautiful.

aquamarine custom ring

aquamarine custom ring

katherine custom ring

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