Jaspreet and Jag

custom engagement ring

Jaspreet choose the stone from our online store, a super unique Opalescent Sapphire with soft blues, yellows and greens.

She booked a zoom chat with me to view the stone up close, as she lives in Rotorua. It was great as she was able to ask a bunch of questions, and I twirled the stone around for her on the computer camera.

She then went ahead and purchased it through the website.


A few months later she booked a time to come into the studio with her partner Jag while they were visiting Auckland, and we all brainstormed design ideas together in person.

Then put these ideas together and built the ring in 3D before we went ahead and made it, with little flowers either side each with a small diamond from one of her handed down family rings. We adjusted the design a couple times until we got it just how she wanted it.

This gave us all a clear picture of what the finished ring will look like ahead of time, it’s a great way to design.

And the result - as you can see from this photo they both look over the moon!! Congrats to these two gorgeous lovebirds!!

custom engagement ring

jaspreet and jag

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