Dane and Scotty

Dane came to me with the idea to create an engagement ring for his partner Scotty, but, before we could finish the ring - Scotty went and surprised Dane by proposing to him instead!

They were obviously both on the same page, and so we ended up making a ring for each of them.

dane and scotty wedding

We designed the rings to be matching but different, Dane’s ring reflecting his Māori heritage, while Scotty’s incorporates the Scottish thistle to honour his.

We used 3D technology to create the designs on the rings and this allowed us to achieve very the fine and precise lines for the details.

And we then finished the edges by hand with a hammering process to give both rings a rustic and masculine feel.

Finally we cast them in solid 18 carat Yellow Gold for timeless quality.

The final result is two rings that are unique and individual, and also represent the coming together of two people and two cultures.

It’s my passion to create rings like this that intertwine into peoples lives and stories, and will be worn with pleasure for a lifetime.

Dane and scott custom ring nick vonk

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