Cluster Ring for Purdie

Purdie came to me with a bunch of old family rings that had been handed down to her.

We discussed the possibility of recycling the metal and using the stones to make one new cluster style ring to rule them all!

I took photos of each ring and then photoshopped out the gemstones so we could play around with some cluster combinations.

cluster ring custom design

Once we found a pattern she liked we took the next step by building the design in 3D for her.

For the 3D build we digitally scanned each stone so we had the exact dimensions and then fitted them together complete with the claws to set each stone with.

This also helped Purdie visualise the final result before we went ahead into production.

And for a personal touch she asked if we could add the shape of a 20 sided dice onto each side.

The final result is a uniquely beautiful ring that has reimagined a bunch of old family jewellery into the modern age.

And Purdie was so happy with her new ring she declared it - the most stunning ring in the world!

cluster custom ring

purdie hand custom ring

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