Behind The Scenes with Nick Von K & Alison Brewer

Alison Brewer working both sides of the camera, hair & makeup as well as photography, shares the inspiration behind the styling for the NVK philosophy.
What elements of Nick Von K's philosophy did you decide to bring out in your styling for this shoot?
What I admire  about NVK is whilst being edgy and alternative his designs still maintain the elegance of fine pieces that can be worn with style and grace , Gothic Beauty is what first comes to mind with this kind of style and I guess one of my favourite genres in fashion and beauty looks.
    For the NVK look, what products / techniques did you use and any advice on how to achieve this?
    I  kept the hair and makeup once again 'raw and edgy', it was express styles so more about organised messy looks - hair naturally hand styled (no brushes combs or heated styling tools used) with using products like Wella Professional  sea salt spray and texture powder creating definition and body. For our blonde model 'Emily' I created a classic smokey eye with base shades of charcoal and brown and nude lips  for Shania  I added a pop of colour with a metallic red toned shadow and peachy colour to the lips, this added some depth with her olive skin and brunette hair.
    In your words what was the 'theme' of this shoot?
      'Dark Elegance'
      What was your favourite piece of Jewellery from this shoot?
      I loved shooting the Winged Heart Earrings in Mother of Pearl they literally caught my eye.
      Using Wella Professional Hair styling products 
      MAC and Blac Cosmetics ( nz brand )
      Shooting with Canon 5DMKII
      Models - Emily and Shania from Unique Model Management
      Nick Von K
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