Large Link Pounamu Connection Necklace


Larger size of the Pounamu Connection necklace, hung on our 60cm heavier gauge sterling silver chain.

The amazing thing about this design is that the 3 loops of Greenstone are carved from a single piece of stone, which is quite a tricky process!

Once when I was travelling I saw an exhibit of an ancient Chinese wedding carriage made of jade, it totally blew my mind. A life size wedding carriage, fully carved all over with dragons and other designs, that could carry two people and be drawn by a single horse, completely made of jade - just absolutely incredible. And one of the most amazing parts of this carriage to me was the chains that connected to the horse, each chain was 2 meters long and carved from a single block of jade. It always stuck in my mind and now years later has become the inspiration for this piece.


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